Obstetrics Department

1. Antenatal care:

Having a child can be an emotionally, mentally and spiritually elevating event for both of parents. Giving birth to a child is not an illness, it is a journey of joy and celebration and a unique experience for the parents. We provide an atmosphere which is homely, caring and yet with all the modern amenities and expertise of professionals, to ensure utmost care and security.

Sonaa Medihub exemplifies in woman centered round the clock care. Right from the day you concieve, till you deliver a baby, we are always there for you with a touch of affection. The time when you are looking at empathy, destresssing and emotional support, we are there just with you. We also offer video presentations of normal delivery, instrumental delivery, pregnancy yoga and post pregnancy exercises with practical experience 3 days a week.

As you progress in your pregnancy period and reach the last few weeks before the greatest joy of your life, do not be afraid; the
journey to the greatest joy can be a joy ride too.  We follow the concept where a mother spends nine months in the most joyous manner without apprehensions and fear and celebrates the delivery, making a style statement for herself and the proud family.

We have a team of highly qualified personnel who help the family make informed choices for their care during pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum and newborn care, and strives to provide them with the experience they desire for.

2. Delivery:

We have a fully equipped labour room with dedicated staff who offer tender, loving care. The doctors are present at all times, hence emergencies can be handled effectively.  For high risk cases and pregnancies, we have the facilities of ICU, physicians, intensivists, hematologists and nephrologists as and when required. Again this helps us to have a multi-disciplinary approach and reduce the risk and rate of complications that a mother faces. A fully equipped 24 hrs lab and X-Ray facility is there. We have a modern fully equipped modular and semi-modular OT.  

  • Normal delivery
  • Painless delivery: There is facility for epidural analgesia for those who are keen on having painless labour.
  • Caesarean delivery
  • Instrumental delivery: Forceps/ Ventouse delivery
  • NICU: All deliveries are attended by a neonatologist ensuring that the baby receives good care from the start itself. The NICU facilities are excellent, this enables us to manage high risk cases very nicely- even premature babies have an excellent survival rate.

3. High risk obstetrics:

Women with pre-existing or new-onset medical problems in pregnancy are encountered in every antenatal clinic. The prevalence of such medical disorders in pregnancy is increasing and are becoming more important as causes of maternal death. Many women are now delaying pregnancy until they are older and more likely to have medical disorders. We have a dedicated team of clinicians who can understand the interactions between medical disorders and pregnancy, their effects on investigation reports and can counsel patients regarding drug therapy during pregnancy and breast feeding.

4. Fetal medicine:

It is a speciality that addresses an “unborn patient”. It is a branch of medicine that includes the assessment of fetal growth and well being, the maintenance of fetal health and diagnosis of fetal illnesses and abnormalities. This requires the expertise and input from various specialists including obstetricians, perinatologists, neonatologists, pediatric surgeon, geneticist and many more. We provide here a good range of all medical fraternities- either on a daily basis or call basis.

5. Medical termination of pregnancy:

Safe abortion pills as recommended by MTP act and FOGSI- are given by registered practitioners and the patients and attendants are well counselled with informed choice.

6. Surgical termination of pregnancy:

According to abortion act, safe and registered practitioners ( if they wish to) can terminate the pregnancy at a registered centre, with informed consent of patient and attendant and full aseptic precautions. We have taken into account all these factors- your safety is our first priority.

7. Antenatal (pregnancy-Yoga) exercises:

While you wait to embrace motherhood prepare better for your bundle of joy with our Pre Natal Classes. Staying active during pregnancy can improve circulation in your body and help eliminate leg cramps and swelling of your feet and ankles. Core exercises during pregnancy can help maintain back strength, minimizing back pain and stress in later months of pregnancy when carrying the extra baby bump.

8. Post natal exercises:

Pelvic floor and gentle lower tummy/belly exercises help to strengthen your muscles, boost your mood, help you loose weight, protect you from aches and pain, give you more energy and stamina, prevent loosening of perineal muscles and urine leaks, help in faster healing of muscles and last but not the least, help your body to recover and regain its normal shape.

9. Ultrasound scans, colour dopplers, Anomaly scans.

10. Cardio-tocography (Non-stress test):

It is a test usually done in the third trimester- that is in the last 3 months of pregnancy. It is a graphical tracing of baby’s heart beat to check for normal variability in relation to the pressure created inside uterus due to contractions.

11. Cord Blood sampling:

On the day you deliver your baby, you will probably be overcome with visions of your future with your child- first smiles and steps, birthday parties, holidays and various milestones in life. Imagining that your little one would ever be seriously ill might probably be the last thing on your mind but some parents do consider the possibility. For these parents, they bank their baby’s cord blood and umbilical cord to provide a healthy future for both the baby and their family. Collection of cord blood and umbilical cord can only be done at birth. This process is a quick and painless procedure performed immediately after birth and does not affect the safety of the mother and the child.

The diseases covered by this banking are leukemia, thalassemia, lymphoma, heart attacks, cartilage repairs, diabetes and stroke. Also soft tissue repair and wound repair like ulcers, burns and radiation wounds is possible. At an increasing rate, expectant parents around the world are storing stem cells for their families not only as a potential lifesaving resource for current use, but also for their future potential to be used as material for regenerative medicine. Your baby’s valuable umbilical cord and cord blood stem cells are a perfect match for your baby. It is also a ready source of genetically related stem cells for a sibling or family member.