Paediatrics Department

There was a time when getting medical care in this region, was a challenge. Lately we have covered a lot of milestones in our zeal of providing the best of care to the patients. When we think of providing medical care, the first thing come to the fore is care of adults and in this process neonatal and pediatric care has not improved to an equal extent. We would like to make a promise to the society to fill this gap in pediatric care and support the uninhibited development of our future generation through the appropriate medical care wherever required.

We would like to focus on the current gap in pediatric care in Neonatal care, asthma management in children, child psychology and adolescent medicine.

We have qualified, skilled and experienced pediatrician and neonatologist to provide care  for these areas which are left unattended for long.

Our paediatrician is available round the clock for all emergencies, deliveries and provide full fledged Level-3 NICU care.