Gynaecology Department


Examining the vagina and cervix (mouth of the uterus) with a binocular microscope.

Pap smear -

It’s a screening test first started in USA in 1940s by Dr George Papanicolaou, which is used to examine the cells from cervix and vagina.

Cervical cancer screening programme -

The leading cause of cancer deaths in Indian women is cervical cancer. Though, it is a preventable disease, unfortunately, is not so in India because of lack of awareness, education, screening programmes for early diagnosis and treatment facilities. One out of every four women who die because of cervical cancer in the world, is an Indian. In western world, cancer screening programmes are done on regular basis to diagnose and treat cancer early in a view to save life. This also reduces treatment cost because the
treatment is started even before the cancer can spread far and wide.

Our utmost aim is to educate people, especially women, and make them aware of their health and well being. We, at our centre, aim towards early screening facilities, diagnosis and treatment. This we can achieve by motivational lectures, awareness programmes in villages, questionaire camps at local ward levels and professional briefing by trained staff and doctors.

Contraception and family planning -

Contraception is both a personal and a social responsibility. It is a critical element in limiting population, thus preserving our planet’s resources and maintaining quality of life for ourselves and our children. In our hospital, we provide distilled and formulated information regarding the current status and variety of contraceptive devices available- so that patients can select the method best suitable to them in accordance with their personal, social, and medical characteristics and requirements.

Hormonal disorders

Menstrual disorder management

Cu-T/ multiload insertion and removal -

Dr Sonal Parihar is working for an NGO PSI company for the last 10 yrs, which ensures supply of good quality multi-loads amd abortion pills.

Breast disorders -

including both benign and cancerous conditions.

Infertility management including hormonal assays, follicular studies, IUI inseminations

Adolescent health

Menopausal problems

Laparoscopic surgeries including advanced pelvic surgeries

Hysteroscopic surgeries

All kind of gynaecological Cancer surgeries

Urogynaecology including surgical treatment of incontinence with TOTs/ TVTs