Orthopaedic Department

Trauma solutions-

A very wide term is made short here by managing and concluding all injuries methodically to a satisfactory recovery. Any bony and related injuries are taken up and treated by various specialists with a single aim towards fast and back to normal recovery.

Joint replacements-

Over the years replacement surgeries have become very common and is touching lives of people of various walks of life. Since it is a rewarding surgery, specially when taken up at a right age and with a right indication, it has changed lifestyle of many. We at our centre are doing around 35-40 replacements per annum.

Arthroscopic reconstruction-

With advancement in endovision systems and arthroscopic assisted surgeries, injuries of ligaments, meniscus, intra articular fractures etc. are easily treated with excellent results. Reconstruction of cruciate ligaments and meniscal trimming are the mainstays. A day care procedure and few weeks of good physiotherapy is all what is needed to reach to conclusive results.

Joint reconstruction-

Any joint injury has to be treated meticulously at the first attempt. For this, an open minded thought process, perfect fixation option, time of surgery and above all a good clinical accumen is needed. Joints are fixed with or without arthroscopic assistance and to give an acceptable result physiotherapy is mandatory.

Spine surgeries-

We offer a full range of spinal surgeries, ranging from spinal decompression, discectomies to spinal fixation and fusions.

Corrective surgeries-

Congenital deformities like CTEV, genu varus valgus etc are treated here. Post fracture deformities, mal unions, nonunions, limb shortening etc can all be corrected with precision and perfection.

Stem Cell Therapies-

New generation treatment modalities ar enow offered using magic cells - STEM CELLS. We offer treatment for early AVN, Osteoarthritis, Recent spinal injuries and even infected non unions. Such therapies are generally expensive, but if started at goodtime can be very rewarding.